Welcome to BoatBuddy.
Let me introduce myself and what I would like to do with BoatBuddy:
My name is Alex, I am a passionate sailor and for a couple of years now I have been a boat owner as well. Her name is Joy, a 1984 built Bristol 41. Joy and I had our ups and downs.

We had many wonderful turns in the Caribbean and the latest big one was an Atlantic crossing from Antigua via St. Martin and Bermuda to the Horta on Faial, one of the Azores Islands.

Yacht at anchor

On the downside I had to put in a new engine, replace all the plumbing, install a new fridge, some new pumps, replace parts of the rig, needed some sail repairs and so on. A lot of small jobs and a few really big ones.

Some I did myself adding up to some 500 hours of work on the boat, anything from cleaning the bottom to installing the new fridge. For some I had to hire professionals. Hence I had my share of good and bad experiences.

At some point I felt I want to share those contacts, I wanted to let other boaters know who were the guys who were really helpful and solved my problems.

As well, I had to do a lot of research when doing projects myself and I was missing some sort of hub. A single spot to start from that will quickly get you to that link, that article, that video that helps you get it done, fix your problem – or find it in the first place.

This is my vision for BoatBuddy: create a directory of professionals and a hub for DIY information for anybody who needs to get something done on a boat.

This needs a lot of local knowledge. I have some in the area where I owned my boat so far, Antigua W.I. Often it is not the guy with the biggest ad in a local directory or pilot book that provides the best solution. BoatBuddy will depend on YOUR help, YOUR contributions.

So, if you just worked with someone that was spot on and got the job done in time, on budget and in a competent manner, please add a listing to give others the chance to enjoy the same professional support.

If you have anything useful that just helped you solve a problem please share it in our DIY section.There are two ways to contribute: go to CONTACT and send us a mail with the relevant information and I will turn that into a listing or you go to ADD PRO and add the listing directly.

Anyway, thanks a lot in advance for any contribution.

Fair winds and following seas!