My name is Alex, passionate sailor and for a few years now I have been a (mostly) enthusiastic boat owner as well. Her name is Joy, a 1984 built Bristol 41.

Yacht at anchor

Joy and I had many wonderful turns in the Caribbean and we crossed the Atlantic from Antigua via Bermuda and the Azores Islands to Tangier in Morocco.

Yet Joy gave me some headaches, too. There were a few really big ones like new engine and a rig refit. Then there were many smaller ones, anything from new plumbing, new fridge, various pumps, sail repairs and so on. Some I did myself, for others I had to hire professionals. Hence for both DIY and working with pros I had my share of good and not so good experiences.

After all of that I felt I want to share my experience. I wanted to let other boaters know who were the good guys, the ones solving my problems.

As well, I did a lot of research for the jobs I did myself. Doing so I was missing some sort of hub to find and share useful stuff. A single spot to start from that will quickly get you to that link, that article, that video that helps you get it done, fix your problem – or find it in the first place.

This is how the idea for BoatBuddy was born. A searchable directory for marine professionals and an information hub for DIY jobs.

So, I started to put up listings for the area I know best, Antigua, W.I. and the surrounding Caribbean Islands. As well I put up some examples of DIY stuff and links I found useful.

However, I cannot do this alone. I will need the help of fellow sailors. I need you to add pros all over the globe and DIY info for any job one can think of.


Fair winds and following seas!

More about myself and Joy