My name is Alex and I am a passionate sailor and for a few years now I have been a (mostly) enthusiastic boat owner as well. Her name is Joy, a 1984 built Bristol 41.

Yacht at anchor

Joy and I had many wonderful turns in the Caribbean and just recently we had a fantastic turn crossing the Atlantic from Antigua via Bermuda and the Azores Islands to Tangier in Morocco.

Yet Joy gave me some headaches, too. A lot of small jobs and a few really big ones: a new engine, new plumbing, new fridge, various pumps, rig refit, sail repairs and so on. Some of these I did myself, for others I had to hire professionals. Hence for both DIY and working with pros I had my share of good and not so good experiences.

At some point I felt I want to share my experience, I wanted to let other boaters know who were the good guys, the ones solving my problems.

As well, I did a lot of research for the jobs I did myself and I was missing some sort of hub to find and share useful stuff. A single spot to start from that will quickly get you to that link, that article, that video that helps you get it done, fix your problem – or find it in the first place.

This is how the idea for BoatBuddy was born: a searchable directory for marine professionals and an information hub for DIY jobs.

I started to put up listings for the area I know best, Antigua, W.I. and the surrounding Caribbean Islands and some examples of DIY stuff and links I found useful.

But I cannot do this alone. I will need the help of every sailor around, adding pros all over the globe and DIY info for any job one can think of.


Fair winds and following seas!